blinded by tradition

installation // documenta exhibition, open arts space merge, busan, south korea // 2018


In many cultures chaos is perceived as a feminine force whereas order is considered as masculine. In my performance “between chaos and order” I experimented with these extremes with a sound artwork and physically with the roles of chaos and order, shifting the power between the masculine and the feminine, breaking the order with chaos and the chaos with order. The installation that was the remains of the performance later got destroyed thus opening a window to further exploration of the subject. The installation exhibited now is constructed from the particles left of my performance as well as the “memos” and findings from my excavations to chaos and order. Throughout my time in Korea as a female artist and connecting with local female artists I was exposed to and confronted with the heavy weight of patriarchy. It is what derives from order blinded by tradition standing in the way of expansion, of the evolution, that can only be found in chaos, in the feminine force, now compressed, pulled down, ready to explode, expand and fly.

patriarchy will stand in the way of your personal evolution [to suppress is to oppress is to compress] 


  materials as follow [clay, fabric, aluminum vessel, bricks, human hair, fishing line, acrylic paint, photographs, a stool, water]