empty vessel // conductance and resistance

kinetic sculpture // 2017

It is hard to imagine the nonexistant, matter without features. It’s a very unknown territory especially in an era of endless consuming and the ongoing search for fulfillment. Everyday we run from the quiet meaninglessness to the abundant flood of sensations, always falling back to the ever lurking emptiness, only to repeat the escape again. I see emptiness as an enabler, a force keeping us astir, which once recognized brings an expansion, space in action aswell as to the relationship to ones own substance. I see emptiness as the momentary visitor in the body, in moments where we surrender to the nature of existence. In moments where we approach the insanity of it all. The mind bends to where the needs to explain seize to exist and everything we’ve experienced is washed out by a wave someplace away from our consciousness. In these moments we are free to witness ourselves as a mere being. There solely to represent existence. Free to witness the emtpiness as an energy flowing through us and surrounding us - the sacred nothingness.

dimensions [5m x 5m x 3m] materials as follows [rebar, cement, air pressure]