order // chaos // pulse 

 a cosmology // environmental art // public art // gudeok mountain, busan, south korea // 2018


During my residency in Art in Nature I dived into the concept of chaos and order, finding something in between that I call pulse. Like the beating of a human heart this pulse is a jewel of those complex natural systems that nature has thrown into our existence. Us humans are constantly surrounded by an ever underlying chaos that is trying to destabilise us from the order we so hard try to keep. 

At extreme, this self-organization and repetition of our imagined “self” leads us to tyranny, restriction and automacy. Every so often we are offered a chance to break that self, to evolve, to expand. This happens when we are thrown into the unknown, somewhere where everything is uncertain and the experienced freedom almost overpowers us. Yet in the unknown lies a risk of ignorance and despair, when stepping into the unknown in a state of fear, our eyes closed instead of open.

With our eyes open (the best case scenario) we can mediate in between the extremes and a pulse will take over. It’s a state of stability and expansion where the terror of existence transforms into consciousness, understanding and meaning. This is where we can perceive the ever surrounding chaos as a depth to explore and expand to, letting it interfere and change our order, perceiving the order as a centre point, exploring where you are right now and where to push outwards from. 

dimensions [10m x 4m] materials [hemph rope, fabric dye, iron mesh] location [by the gudeok mountain temple] with the assistance of su jeong park, 구현, ewa zaborowska, seoin join, lilia argote, guzalia tulumbaeva, diego calderón, 林佩勳 , doohee, matsuri iwai and lafin sawmah

Pulse is now materialised as an environmental artwork that can now be found by a buddhist temple in the beginning of the Gudeok Mountain trail starting near Art in Nature studio in Flower Village.